Do you struggle getting AMAZING SMILES from kids during your photography sessions? 

Do you sometimes work with kids that are so BUSY you can't get them to stop moving or they are so SHY you cant get them to even look at you?

Do you find that your TIMING is off and when one child smiles the other ones don't?

What if I told you that I have a tool that could CHANGE all of that and I would share with you exactly how to make the MAGIC SMILES happen! 

After almost 20 years of being asked to do it, I have finally designed the perfect "feather duster tickler". I worked closely with the manufacturer to ensure this feather duster is different and designed to make it safe and sturdy! 
  •  SAFETY FIRST - All store purchased feather dusters are twisted wire and they have a sharp end that can really hurt someone. Our feather duster has a special cap attached to the end to insure no one can get hurt when using it! (Trust me, kids will try and copy you and I have personally been scratched from my past dusters!) 
  •  EXTRA STURDY - Two of my biggest pet peeves with store dusters are that they have plastic poles and plastic connections. Both are known to crack and snap in two. With our new "Feather Duster Tickler" the pole is aluminum and the connective section is a stronger plastic that can withstand all the fun! 
  •  TRAINING - After 25 years perfecting the techniques I use for different ages and stages, I have put together a video that will help you see the best way to make this tool work for you every time! 
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Feather Duster TRAINING VIDEO!
It may sound silly, but there SPECIFIC TECHNIQUES for using the feather duster. This video covers exactly how to use the tickler safely, how to handle busy kids, shy kids, babies, and more. TRUST ME there is a whole psychology on how you use this tool and we will have you mastering the technique in no time!
I never imagined I would sell "feather dusters" but I want to make it easier for my students to find safe and reliable tools to use when working with children. NOW is the time to get them because when they are gone... they are gone for good!
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